Alice Austine, Multi award award winning artist.

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Who is Alice Austine

Alice Austine

Alice Akotarh stage name Alice Austine is a Cameroonian Afropop and Afro Zouk artist from the south West Region of Cameroon.

Alice Austine was born in Cameroon(Africa) in 1981 and at the age of 23 she travelled to the united states for greener pastures where she studied and took up a career in nursing.

Despite being a nurse,Alice since childhood had always seen herself in the entertainment sphere. She had always admired being a model/Artist . Just her style and elegance clearly depicts a lot of talent buried in her. Her love and passion for music made her to take an extra step in fulfilling her dream.

In 2013 she decided to fully take up a career in music as a recording and performing artist.Being a pretty,talented, a person with taste and class,determined and very hard-working, she was able to pull through with the début of her music career.

That same year 2013 on the 31 of august Alice Austine released her first studio album titled :Coming of Age”.This album was made up of 10 singles with one bonus track making it an 11 tracked album that is available for streaming and purchase over all digital platforms.

In 2016 her venerated talent and explosive stage display, made her won the DEA ,Awarded as the “Best Performing Cameroon Female ArtisteThat same year 2016,she won Exceptional artist of the year

In 2018,Alice Austine released one of her successful cross boarder project ‘Na You’’ featuring Nigerian pop singer and stylist Pardon C which was produced by USA based Cameroonian sound engineer Walta Blackson

In 2019,after releasing one of her cross boarder project with Nigeria pop singer Pardon C in 2018,Alice Austine drops a new single , an epic love singe titled “Husband for life”. A song which has been an anthem in streets and night clubs in Cameroon and other African countries like Ghana and Nigeria “Njumba palava I no dey for dey” .

Still in 2019, Alice Austine decided to open and run her own entertainment firm called:Alice Austine’s Dynasty Alice Austine has been nominated for best diapora female artist 2020 Alice.

Alice Austine and her team are busily preparing for the release of her next Album which will be launched on the 21st of March 2020 titled “Awakening. An album which described as

“….Awakening is the redefinition of epic and true sound with an irresistible rhythm. Rhythm that cut across race,age and genre. A fusion of invincible but evident sound(music)………….”

Written by :Yebaclan!(the spirit of truth, epic and the irresistible)

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