Who is Supaval?

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The Cameroon music industry which is at the verge of explosion cant boast of its success without giving credits to great acts like Supaval and others.The pioneers which we refer to as THECORE237.
These are icons whose tireless efforts has encoded the 237 label around the world as they represent us in every occasion in which they re but unfortunately artist home new in the game feels the success of the industry is owed to them…………….

Yeba Media Group present to you the Kamer Iconic and celebrated singer and song writer and bullet proof to the Destiny Zone Empire :  Supaval is a Houston based Cameroonian Afro R&B artist, who was born in Kumba

Who is Supaval?

Supaval is a Houston based Cameroonian Afro R&B artist, who was born and raised in kumba

His unique voice which is a fusion of tales and emotions takes you into a deep journey of reflection,relation and flashback as the spirit of music takes over.His charming and soft voice keeps you wanting as he pours out every node .

His lyrics are rich and uplifting routed on a universal genre . Being a strategic singer who relates to real life and makes listeners feel a senses of belonging as they relates to their own lives,his music cut across age,gender,race and cultures,thus widening his audiences.

‘‘……………… music is intended for all audiences regardless of age or race. It is the kind of music that allows listeners to forget their troubles and feel good living in the moment. This shall be the mantra throughout all the songs I create. I do intend to fully experiment with many genres of music and to keep pushing on to discover the boundaries of my creativity……….’’


Supaval is a Houston based Cameroonian Afro R&B artist, who was born and raised in kumba

In 2009,Superval released his first Album of Makosa genre titled Nkongseh.The album that consist of 8 tracks had alot of exposure as it hit night clubs in the USA ,Cameroon,Nigeria ,Maryland and some German cities. The ‘‘Nkongseh’’ album which brought Supaval to limelight had thousands of sales .This was the debut of Supaval artistic career.this album had 08 singles.

After realeasing His debut Album which was a great success,this inspired Supaval more,He moved into the USA the following year 2010 and in that same year he released his second album of Afro beat genre titled ‘‘Big Mamie’’ in Houston which was a total deviation from Makosa. In Houston during the launching of his second album, His venerated talent and mastery of his art attracted alot of attention from both the media and business men. His art was successful and loved by many and between 2010 to 2013, he scored a recording deal withFranco Records where he released his third studio Album on 30 th March 2013 Titled :‘‘The New Beginning’’ still of the Afro-beat genre. This album was made up of 10 tracks
Who is Supaval?

Supaval is a Houston based Cameroonian Afro R&B artist, who was born and raised in kumba

Few years after working with Franco Records on successful projects,Supaval decided to go solo.He flow back to his home country:Cameroon and started his own entertainment firm called Destiny Zone Empire, an inclusion of:Film,modelling,artist etc. His project was successful and when Supaval left Cameroon and flowed back to the USA ,his firm suffered some instability and looses due to mismanagement. Supaval decided to put the the project on pause hoping to start as soon as posible.It should be noted that before meeting Franco Records, Supaval was already a successful artistwith two successful albums, Its should be noted that it was due to his irresistible rhythms and venerated talent that made him scored a recording deal with Franco Records. It should also be noted that Supaval is one of the founding members of Franco Records and was the first artist to be signed under Franco Records. 

Who is Supaval?

Supaval is a Houston based Cameroonian Afro R&B artist, who was born and raised in kumba

It should also be noted that the New Beginning album was made up of two types,the circular and the gospel version. The gospel version was released due to the successful and irresistible original new beginning.The church in Houston was thrilled with it impact and asked Supaval to do a gospel version which took him only two weeks to successfully do an eight tracked album. Thus the circular and gospel versions of the album labeled:New Beginning and God of Prosperity respectively 

As we write, Supaval is currently preparing for his fouth studio album which will be released in a months time,lunched in Houston USA and then Cameroon. This new album is titlted:New Look AfroVariety Crossover. a misture of Afropop,Regae ,Makossa

Currently,Supaval works with Xtreme Records in Douala with Yeba Media Group being his content licensing and marketing partner.

Released Time Map

  •   Makossa album 2009 – Nkongseh
  •   Afro beat Album 2010 – Big Mamie
  •   Afro beat Album 2013 – The New Beginning/God of Prosperity
  •   Mix Afro,Makosa,Reggae 2019-New Look AfroVariety Crossover
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