Where is the love project by Fon Tete Empire

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(A cross platform ,non political African love sensitization project by Africans for mother Africa)

After internally displaced Cameroonian artist failed woefully with their #Weneedpeace project, a song that was criticised by many,
The Emperor. – Sexy stylish boss of Fon Tete Empire Fte saw the need for a cross country love project that will transform our mentality,soften our hearts for one another and strengthen the love bonds binding us together for a United Africa.

The #Whereisthelove project Is a non political song that cut across ;nation’s, religious beliefs, culture,race , language,age . A cross genre music project that fuse hip-hop,hiplife,afrozouk,makosa, mother African folklore with an afropop blend.

The multi million music project  which is at its volume one (Where is the love V1) is sponsored by Fon Tete Empire ,a music  project by Africans for Africans .

The four month old sensitization project which turned out to be a great success was turned down by many artist to be part of it. This is probably because they had limited knowledge about the project or due to their own misconceptions.

Never the less,their turning down the offer made the project more heavier original,unique and effective . This is because artist that featured in the project were not on quest for game but because they bought the project idea and saw it as  an opportunity to decrypt their emotions, transcoding them to their love ones and the world in form of epic , irresistible love lyrics.
The rythm that sounds like the roar of an African lion, with soft voices that sounds like the sound heard when an African peace plant leaves are being flaped agains each other as a result of gentil blowing winds makes u go into an ectassy (get high) when. U listen.

The success of this project cannot be over applauded without credits given to the great masses of artists,media personalities who made the project a success.

The #Whereisthelove project by Fon Tete Empire featured great acts as presented below.
The youngest female rapper aka next game change: OTANG , Lè Featurist @Withney ,Yong Makon of One touch ent,Briana Lesley, @Franko (coller la petite :the song that cuzed me to be disvirgined in a night club by one day girl.)

@Mr Elad who doubled as a singer and artists and The emperor himself.

Despite the fact that the song was a great success, the project also had some setbacks, received some criticisms which is normal. This was because of the stunch level of unprofessionalism excercised by the project communication officer who also doubled as the coordinator . He chosed to do business with emotions,or as a. Avenue to settle scores which isn’t right.

That not withstanding the project which took a lot of time,money , resources and hard-work yielded incredible results.
The #Whereisthelove project as produced by Mr Elad of 6:00 O’clock music  and video was inked  by Mr Them, a nominee of Urban jamz awards 2019.
What below and wait.
Na Nic Jience writam. If it hurts u,write yours.
Shiyla Abdoul Choubahcome small so

Two new acts in the project that impressed me.
#1 Winney Hitmaker ,this guy is an agressive chorister,writer and at the same time producer.
@Yong Makon, after releasing Bombay, he is keeping a particular trend that if maintain, his name will surely be incripted in my Holi books of fame in #2020+


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