After turning down the show organized by SINA HOTEL for Chilli Wawaye,Mel B Akwen Privé Longue Longue Baracuda with the excused that Blaise B Artist had video shoot,It wasnt true.

Blaise B was booked for a show with Amazon snack Bar Always same day at 20h that is 08:00 PP GMT+1 which he and the team decided to prioritize.

But thesame act was repeated.
The show was scheduled for 08:00 PM. Lovers and fans were there as from 06:00PM to take their seats as they sat impatiently waiting for the top notch 237 most celebrated vocalist.

But as usual, Blaise B – Artiste instead showed up at 12:00 midnight.
By then everybody had waited and despatched to different snacks.

As I write am sitting in the snack taking some bear and we ain’t up to 10.
It’s 01:00 GMT+.

Because Blaise B came late,the show has been postponed to the 8th of March on the same snack. Hope you guys will be there.Am gonna be there live.

I keep on repeating. There is faulty with the #management.

01.You turn down a show you have been paid  half of the money under the pretext of  having a video shoot. U lied to your fans, disrespected or simplified your organizers and sponsors

02. You turn down a show u have been paid for to attain another show. That’s dubious. You had all the time but u decided to disturb and frustrate their activities and turn it down at the last minute

03. The second show ,you re not still able to make it on time. You re booked for 08:00PM meaning you re supposed to be there at atleast 7:45 PM as an artist, Bost up and performance starts at 08:00 PM but you decides to show up at 12:00 midnight after keeping fans waiting.

The fans and businesse partners feel dismayed.

Those businesse men with little or no knowledge about showbiz sees the industry as a sick joke because of such attitudes.

It boils back to the fact that @Blaise B has poor management.

I say management bécause Blaise won’t spend time producing good songs, uplifting the industry and still be answering booking Calls. He is not a machine.

The manger,PR and others were employed because of such activities and if they cannot meet up to these functions as demanded by the sphere of which they operate. I personally think they are not fit and are a threat to Blaise’s carer and should be relieved of their functions.

Eric S Bannav and Barristar Samgwa De Critic welcome to feuds season two. My findings are founded.

The Blaise B management team. You re free to defend yourselves on the comment section.

Welcome to my unaided minds. I remain your nonchalant guy.

Caution:I write to express and  table not to impress. I am not a hater but just a conscious unaided free thinker who honestly thinks in my deepest hearts everyone should be treated fairly and respectful.
I don’t and will never speak I’ll or artist but I won’t ignore things that catch my attention that needs to be set straight. I am Nick Jience, bullet proof to the name artist. You fuck with any artist,you re Fucking with me.

Nic Jience, Hardcoder at @Yebamediagroup.

For more on this, visit :www.yebamedia.com

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