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Feb 2019,the authorities of SINAHA HOTEL Yaounde organized a Valentines day Romantic Evening for Cameroon Folklore goddess Chilli wawaye.
A show to give a gracefull night to geniune lovers with the enchantment of irresistible love hymns as the reunite the broken pieces of relationships and strengthen stroner bond with the spirit and power of music yebally feeds the soul . An evening that was supposed to be a fusion of undiluted emotions as the spirit of music roams over the arena making true lovers fall into an ectassy looking each other eyball to eyeball as they listen to music especially high vocals of chilli wawaye and Blaise B ,Mell B Akwen and Papa Longue Longue.
This show was well planed as they wanted Chilli wawaye to honour Vals day with any artist of her choice.
The management team of Colourful Dreamz Entertainment,the Label which manages Chilli Wawayes decided to choose :Blaise B Akwandor of Akwandor Empire and co producer at Alpha Better Records,Mell B Akwen and not forgetting Papa Longue Longue, L’avocat de femme.
This list was presented to the management of SINAHA Hotel and was approved.
On february 5th 2019, the managent of Chilli Wawaye reached out to Blaise B in person and they were directed to his manager Bella.
The manager was contacted and price agreed, the maneger asked for the advancement of the money before posters should be out which ofcourse is right.
The advancement was sent and and after a day or two Bella rushed back urging that they needed transportation which was sent together with the advancement for Blaise B to perform on the show.
Altogether,a sum of 125,000 CFA was sent to ISABELLA NKUINJE NGINGYU who happens to be Blaise B’s manager with transaction ID ;532989682 on the 08th of Feb 2019 at 05:33 PM.
It should be noted that this money serves as transport and advancement for the show..
After  Blaise B’s team confirmed their pressence, receiving part of the money,giving permissions for posters to be made, assuring fans,posters were made and littered every where on social media and other promotion platforms,.
Four days later after the show has been massively advertised  Bella called on the 12th,four days after receiving money at 11;30 telling Chilli and her team that Blaise B wont be for the show.
When the Chilli Wawaye’s team and the management of SINAHA Hotel who happen to be the organizers of the show demand an explanation for such unprofessional behavior, Bella said they have a video shoot scheduled for thesame day she accept bookings for her artist.
You confirm your presence and you don’t appear on show.
Part of money sent to you, money which was supposed to be used in running the hotel business.
Posters and Tickets made with your face on it, you don’t show up. Money Wasted
You were given a week. You should have turn it down so they look for someone else. There was still enough time but you decided to take the money,allow them waste money in promotional material,tickets etc.
The type of excuses you gave to me sounds like piece of garbage thrown into a refuse can. If it was health issues, it will be understandable but Blaise and the manager is talking of video shoot.
 I have two things to say. Bella as the manager of one of Cameroons iconic figure cannot keep a schedule if in case there was any video shoot. Because if she keep a good plan of work, in the first place she will never have accepted the show one week ago,received part of the money,allow money to be wasted in marketing.
Second is priorities. Its rational when you prioritise your needs first but in such sphere of business, in a situation where you have already confirmed to do something, taken part of the money as advancement, given enough time but you chose to wait till last hour before giving unfounded excuses.
This may seem light to you reader but such acts, I repeate such acts kills our industry everyday. Only God knows how negative the organizing authorities view Blaise B now because of a manager with little or no knowledge about artist management.
They have not just turned down a show that was supposed to be an explosion but has made the organizing authorities to see the colourful Dreamz entertainment as incompetent business partners and thus weakening or limiting their future dealings.
To me am not surprised. I have encountered Bella’s shit of unprofessionality a number of times. When the organizers of the show reached out to me. I told them with no Blink if its Bella,they should never expect anything good. I am still saying it without a blink. And will say it again.
Caution: In all concern I honestly caution Blaise B to think twice about keeping Bella as his manager,the CEO of Tonda Magazine who illicitly upload artists content to her blogg. Thats plagiarism and has far reaching consequences.
I rest my case and I declare the floor open for self proclaimed judges. But before u come spitting shit. I urge Bella to deliver to us her own part of the story.
If you have little or no knowledge about this shit call showbiz, don’t comment or just hmmmmmm because your choices of words may make me with my bad mop spoil your valentine.
 For those who done know chilli wawaye,the Cameroon folklore goodes and back to rout singer,check here

Who is Chilli Wawaye?

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