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They can joke with ministerial posts buh not with those concerned with education directly.
That is Indirect killing
How do they even appoint people?
Seriously What criteria do they use? How does one explain the fact that someone who only studied science of education is made the director of a professional school.
Wait a min!
Are they even serious?
When students write up reports the clash comes in, the director denies the professional’s layout, the professional denies the directo’s layout. We in turn are dying. The idea of this school was brought up by the said professional who is able and capable to make this school an idol, but what did he get? The position of one chief of some silly affairs I’m yet to know of. The yet to be understood director sends away professional lecturers and brings in her tribesmen. Huh? I thought I used to hear kids sing ” NO TO TRIBALISM ” on youth days? We are suffering this school deserves something better. Imagine us going out for internship only to get back and hear the director say” I sent no oneone on internship “. Oh Lawd! Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me.

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