Who is Paramount Chief Nnamdi Nwosu?

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High Chief Nnamdi Nwosu, the High Chief of the Nigerian community in Cameroon.

The Man who Incarnates Success Through Hard Work
Chief Nnamdi Nwosu
A very popular figure in the Centre Region of Cameroon, Chief Nnamdi Nwosu a name answered by one of the most respected Nigerians in the country.
High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU MAST (DIKE NA MBA 1 of Igboland) counts himself amongst the most successful businessmen in Cameroon, thanks to his very important business investments in the country.
He is the C.E.O of Quincaillerie du chinacam international Sarl, one of the biggest hardware supply companies in Cameroon, an Agro-Industrialist producing and supplying tons of yams, plantains and cassava to several parts of Cameroon and other Central African countries.

High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU MAST is today a well-accomplished man, but one whose journey to the top, most certainly has not come easy.
It was in 1990 that High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU was brought to Cameroon by a prominent Nigerian businessman residing in Bamenda, Mr. Henry AGINWA. In the very early years of his life, he served as a sales boy in Mr. AGINWA’s shops in the Bamenda Main Market and at the Commercial Avenue.

Though from a very humble background, the young NNAMDI showed strong signs of smartness, diligence and honesty in his service to his Master; coupled with the fact that Mr. AGINWA’s business flourished under his stewardship, High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU rightly talked his Master into venturing in the building material supply business where he flourished, guiding their first building material shop (Quincaillerie de l’Afrique) to unprecedented heights.

Though he was given the sum of 350,000 Cfa francs as settlement in 1996, High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU, continued to serve his master in a bid to raise more money to begin his own business with.
The years that followed 1996 were the toughest for him as he struggled through very serious hurdles in order to achieve his goals in life; he had to trek for very long distances, carrying very heavy materials purchased from Nigeria, and destined for the Cameroonian market, going through thick forests and crossing big rivers along the Cameroon-Nigeria border in order to get to Ekok and then to the urban areas of Cameroon where the goods are to be sold. 

This journey was never an easy one, as many trders who tried the same route, either got very sick or died in the process; but thanks to his persistence and faith in God, High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU, successfully raised money he needed to begin his on business, and eventually left his Master in Bamenda for Yaounde.

After a slow start in his personal business, High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU, surmounted all hurdles and eventually became successful in the building material supply business; he now supplies all over Cameroon and in most Central African countries, and unlike before when he used to import goods only from Nigeria, he now travels to China, as he strives to diversify his business.
Talking about diversity, High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU, is a principal food supplier to millions of Cameroonians; he owns a large farm in a village in the Centre Region of Cameroon (Nkolafamba) where he cultivates ‘Calabar yam’, Plantains, and Cassava. He employs a great deal of Cameroonians and Nigerians to work in the farm as he strives to fight not just against youth unemployment, but also against hunger and famine in Cameroon and Africa at large.

Apart from being a very successful and well-established businessman, High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU, is also a great Philanthropist. He is a constant visitor to orphanages and less privileged homes, where he extends his goodwill to children in need; he is also very popular amongst widows as he always touch them with his largesse, in order to aid them surmount their challenges.
Having lived peacefully in Cameroon for over twenty-four years, High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU, has confirmed his love for the country with the construction of a magnificent edifice to host him, his lovely wife, and their five kids. Though his love for his dear Nigeria has not faded (He travels to Nigeria on a monthly basis), he is proud to call Cameroon his ‘second home’.

High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU is a vital member of the Nigerian community in Yaounde, who has proven his love for peace and for the need for Nigerians to live in unity, by mediating for the community, helping Nigerians and Cameroonians alike, to settle amicably their disputes and misunderstandings.

High Chief NNAMDI NWOSU ,Paramount Chief of Nigerian people in Cameroon is the founder of the DIKE NA MBA FOUNDATION, which has been working hard to promote peace and vivre-ensemble between Cameroonians and Nigerians.

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