Nigeria-Cameroon Come Together second edition

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The Nigeria -Cameroon come together is a platform created by the DIKE NA MBA FOUNDATION with the pricincipal aimed of  bringing together the people of Cameroon, Nigeria, and other African countries.This is the second edition of the event that was held in Yaounde,Cameroon.

The bilateral cooperation between Cameroon  and Nigeria has always been one of the most culturally stable. Indeed, this cultural symbiosis gives rise to relations of mutual exchange and sharing between the two nations. As a result, the Dike Na Mba Foundation, established in Cameroon for many years, celebrated this mythical symbiosis on Saturday, December 15, 2018. This fraternal feast was punctuated with donations and the sharing of a cake of unity , and several other gifts.

Now registered in the cultural calendar of MINAC (Ministry of Arts and Culture), this event will now take place each year end. The year 2018 marks the second edition of the celebration of this feast of friendship.

Bringing together traditional leaders and ministries, Nnamdi Nwosu Mast, hopes to have this union every year, so that he can strengthen his friendship. Donations were made to the “Mother of Mercy” orphanage in Yaoundé, and to “Agape children home of Ekounou“. The donations consisted of sacks of rice, bags of salt, bottles of cooking oils and some envelopes offered for the end of year celebrations.


This  platform as created to serve the following purposes to Nigeria-Cameroon and other African countries.
  • To Instill the culture of oneness in the minds of African. According to the DIKE NA MBA      FOUNDATION which we strongly afirms to that, only Africans can build a prosperous Africa, and that for that to happen, Africans must love one another.
  • To create a conducive atmosphere for  citizens of both countries to network, and find common grounds of interest in other to be more helpful to one another.
  • To redefine the gravity to which African culture is showcased , thus the DIKE NA MBA strives to promote the core values of our culture, which is gradually disappearing from the behaviours of our young generation, partly due to the free publicity of the Western culture through television, and the internet.
  • To create a ‘breeding’ ground for business  for young enterpreneurs of both countries ,and opportunities  for those wishing to attain higher heights in their business endeavors.
  • Through numerous cultural groups from several African countries ,this union will give participants of the Event a clear taste of the very diverse and unique culture of Africa.
Since the creation of this fruitful union,the association has been very vibrant and has successfully develope and implemented a good number of projects, we shall name just a few of them.
Organization Of  The First Ever New Yam Festival In Cameroon.
This is one of the biggest Nigerian Feasts organized outside Nigeria; and it is only in Cameroon that those Nigerians from Igbo States can participate in one of their most important cultural rendez-vous, and this is thanks to the DIKE NA MBA FOUNDATION.
The Foundation organized the first ever New Yam Festival outside of Nigeria, and it pulled not just the entire Igbo Community in Cameroon, but also a host of other African and European nationals who were astonished with the level of cultural display that characterized the Event.
The New Yam Festival in Cameroon has also captured the hearts of Cameroonian government authorities, especially the Minister of Arts and Culture, Prof. Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI, who haS staken over the patronage of the Event
Gifts To Orphans, Less-Privileged, Widows And Widowers
The DIKE NA MBA FOUNDATION is a household name in orphanages, and amongst the less-privileged and the needy in Cameroon.
The Foundation has never relented in its efforts to provide for those who cannot adequately provide for themselves.
In fact, providing for those in need is the bedrock of the Foundation itself. Being from a humble background, the Founder of the Foundation, High Chief NNAMDI  NWOSU MAST, has seen a lot in life to be able to understand the plight of the needy
The DIKE NA MBA FOUNDATION has always benefitted from the unreserved support of some people and organizations of goodwill in all its events aimed at fostering development and togetherness in Cameroon in particular, and in Africa at large.
It is a privilege for us to have these people and organizations behind us, and with all due respect and gratitude, we say thanks to all our selfless partners.
  • The Cameroon Ministry of Arts and Culture (MINAC)
  • The Cameroon Ministry of Territorial Administration (MINAT)
  • The Lamido of Garoua (Secretary General at the Ministry of Public Health
  • The Sultan of the Bamouns
  • The Lamido of Mokolo
  • Cameroonian Chiefs and Kings
  • The Senior Divisional Officer of Mfoundi Division
  • The Divisional Officer of Nkolafamba Sub-Division
  • The Nigeria Embassy in Cameroon
  • The Nigerian Union Branch, Centre Region
  • Cameroonian and Nigerian cltural groups
A special thank you to all those who in one way or the other have been supporting the DIKE NA MBA FOUNDATION from far or near.
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