The Emperor of Fon Tete empire in another one again:Where is the love?

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After two successful releases :
a collaboration with Sama Ndango :#Sexy Stylish and the single “Pray for me” a single that is full of love and inspirations from the emperor, produçed by Blaise B and video directed by Nken Stephen,

The  Kamer most seminal and iconic figure ,afropop star and CEO of Fon Tete empire:The Emperor aka Sexy stylish Boss is here a again with another heart touching single. #Where is the love?

A combination of broken emotions and accompanied by a series of rhetorical questions.
A single that draws u into past memories creating a scene that makes u ask questions you honestly don’t want to know the answer.

Where is the love? Is a project by The Emperor,frontline artidt to Fon Tete empire and featuring 10 Cameroon prominent artists.

It’s a project that cut across and involves artist,actors,comedians,actors etc.

As we anticipate the official press release from the Fon Tete empire, let’s keep updated by subscribing to Fon Tete empire social media pages.

Hardcoded by NIC JIENCE.

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