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 Jahiem C Tiku, kamer iconic lyrical Gene and Frontline artist to #BNPENTERTAINMENT.  will be bracing #BOSSMAN night club akwa with his recently released love and sensational single #AHJIY .
A single that will.make you fall into an ectasy,an ontold romantic but tradgic story that will break you,mend you and redefine the perspective from which you view love.
The mic spinner (Spin it again) is no doubt the next big thing in 237 showbiz as far as epic love songs are concerned.

He tried to hardcode the degree of #Into-Ness in two stanzas of a sonnet with much agileness and he tells miss lucky that despite all his flows and irregularities, she is his numéro Uno.

The show which will make you feel like a #celestial will be supported by  no other than the #POSITION hit maker and Like a dis Finisher ,the most Humble Lady #LABI, a true distinction of talent, passion, professionality and redéfinition of YEBA, the irresistible rythms melted with exclamations,
the lady with a PhD in stage performance. vibrant up and coming act NB Max the Kaba when wind di blow master and a group of French hard core rappers.

The #YRBATOURSHOW is an interurban show that’s aimed at redefining kamer showbiz through continues career development,giks,and also a way to provide a sustainable and balance talent sourcing, exploitation, development,branding and marketing.

The #YEBATOUR show is aim at exporting kamer talent beyond Afro frontiers.
We are gonna be broadcasted live on our social channels and our partner platform.
The MMK Show of #Rudegyal aka Nikita Nick, :Bertila Kibong

Ladies and gentlemen, mboko boys, Huslers, immortant gees, Yahoo boys,slay Queens,

By the power Bestowed on me by MAMI 14 in our big compound in Mbesa , I declare the show open. For Facebook comment readers,likes, sharer,haters,black belle men dem ,ndem guy Dem
As we anticipate for Tuesday the 23rd of October 2018.
Keep the candle burning,the wheel spinning

Location : Behind HILLA HOTEL, AKWA

A show organized by YEBA MEDIA GROUP to celebrate transition and excellence in artistic career

This Egyptian writing and great piece is hardcode by Nic Jience aka #IMMORTALGEE

If you want to become part of the #TOUR as an artist or label for your artists to perform on our platform from club to club,snack to snack, contact us through:

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