Where is the #peace that we used to talk about?
  More empire soldier,the PA Buguru aka the She says crooner is at it again.

This time is not about feelings and love shit,It’s about the anglophone crises.

After observing for a while what’s happening in the Anglo-Saxon part of Cameroon, PA Buguru, Kamer finest most promissing and up coming artist, frontline artists of Moore Empire finally drops a heart breaking regae single.(spitis of lucky dube and Bob Marley combined with a Buguru spirit)

The title being “#Letter to the government”  Melodie  spill it straight without fear,He went further to ask the government in the emotional track,fused with sorrowful rythm a series of complex questions like
Where is the peace we so preach about?
Why is the government asking the millitary to kill our brothers and sisters?
Why is the government unable to organize a peaceful dialogue from day one to address the crises?

After camer top artists joint tigettog and produced a club single in the na.e of a peace song,I think the real street anthem for peace is here.

Where is the peace we so much preach about?
We need #Peace.

Letter to the government was written by Mr Melodie, and produced by JC,the Melodious producer.
Genre is Rafael.
Listen below.

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