JAHIEM C TIKU releases #AHJIY, the most Anticipated single

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Cameroon’s most promissing up and coming artist and winner of Mr Leo’s #Jamaise Jamaise mashmup challenge ,The “Money Yap Man” cronner Jahiem C Tiku is set to thrill you with the release of his highly anticipated single ”Ahjiy”. Ahjiy, a single Jahiem basically tells a story of broken love and reconciliation/forgiveness. He paints a scenario of misunderstanding. It’s obviously embarrassing to be caught in the act. Rendez-vous at a restaurant will definitely get sour when she meets you with another girl who tries to force her way in. The young talent is probably the next big thing to happen in Camer’s music scene. Jahiem is a great potential signed to BNP Entertainment, an international label based in the US. BNP was founded by Award-winning Dj, Dj Take Away International, Renown Maestro P, and Ghanian Organist and vocalist Kwodjo P. The label focuses on talent management, music production, and marketing. Ahjiy was written by Jahiem C produced and mastered by Big Joe.

Listen to #AJIHY below

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